create your personal journey

This journey won’t be easy. By following this path you’ll be making a decision to rock the boat. As you do….you’ll be sending a message to the universe that you’re ready to challenge your self-doubt and fear of what others think. And believe me, when you make this proclamation, the universe will respond. You’ll be sent the exact people and circumstances you’ll need to develop the kind of “inner security” that no bank account, relationship, or job can ever give you.
— Cheryl Richardson, Stand up for your life

By opening your heart and your mind to love and wisdom you can begin to see. Since everyone’s journey is unique this website can only provide the tools for you to find your path. That is what it is intended to do. Below is an explanation of the sections. The hope is that through reading the blogs and checking out the references you will open the gate to your own inner journey.

Waking Monologues

On my personal, unique journey I am blessed with daily miracles answering the questions that I have. (See About). Over time I pieced them together on this website. Through blogs, updates and references to the book/songs/movies I came across perhaps you will find clues and answers to the inner path you seek.

Waking Basics  

a series of blog posts that addresses the core concepts that any journey of personal growth should include.

Journey Monologues

a series of blog posts that mirror my journey.

Waking Essence

a series of blog posts where I post notes and lessons I learn from others. I practice Buddhism, for example, and here write about the Dharma while crediting those I learned it from.

The Experts  

My reference library to the answers I have found on this wondering and blissful journey.


I offer personal one-on-one coaching as a way for you to verbalize what your exploration and journey endeavors.

My goal here is for you to find your way – back to your inner wisdom, back to your blissful joy and peaceful self – back to you!  Namaste. XO