Holly Brenneise McNeill has been instrumental to my recent career advancements by boosting my educational aspirations, brilliantly enhancing my resume and most importantly, getting me unstuck. In other words, Holly made me both understand and grasp the boundless opportunities awaiting us all. She has a wonderful way of illuminating a bigger and more rewarding path. It is no overstatement to say Holly has changed my life.



I have had the pleasure of working with Holly at Perkins Eastman, an architectural and interior design firm in San Francisco. I moved to San Francisco from across the country, not knowing a soul. I had a difficult time getting used to the weather, the clothes, the West Coast personalities, and - most importantly - my new job. Holly joined our office a few months after, and similarly, from across the country. 

Immediately, Holly brought an intimate feeling - a sense of family, a bit of humor and a soulful energy that was otherwise lacking prior to her arrival. She appreciated everyone, praised our efforts and work ethic, and truly believed in all of us. She made our team feel like a family. She handled her stressful responsibilities with grace, her colleagues with personal connections and compassion, and her clients with respect. She was an inspiration to work for; a woman I will always look up to. 

She is undeniably the most successful, positive, and full spirited mentors I have ever had the honor of working for. I am so gracious to have crossed her path and I will cherish every moment we had together; whether it was our conversations during our travel to client meetings, or the support and positivity she provided during times of stress and deadlines.  She is a leader I am happy to have been led by. She is a bright light; a soft heart full of wisdom. And although I was heartbroken on her last day at work, I am so thankful we were able to connect enough to continue our friendship. She is a candle, and I only hope I can mirror her positivity.

Blaire Schenck

Interior Designer


I had a great feeling about working with Holly from her first day in San Francisco. She is warm and intelligent, and as a young designer I appreciated her close mentorship and interest in individuals' personal growth. As the project manager of a twelve-person design team, Holly moved through an intimidimidatingly massive project with graceful methodology and a great sense of humor. She met deadlines while allowing individuals of different ages and abilities to expand professionally. Now that she has retired from her career in architecture, I feel lucky to call her my friend and follow her beautiful writing and adventures of the body, mind and soul!