The Practice of Opening your Heart

Heart Opener

It is the heart and not the head that gives us our access to our wisdom, power, and joy. In Buddhism, it is said that our very-subtle mind, the one that is a continuum of our consciousness, exists at the heart-center. It would follow then that the relationship we have our higher-self is at our heart.

Sacred is the relationship we have with ourselves. It is our inner connection to Life, our pure potential, and Buddha-nature. This alliance gives us access to our ethereal magic. It puts us in touch with our spiritual wisdom, not-to-mention, the power of the Universe.

Anger, hate, fear, anxiety, jealousy, depression, peer pressure, our upbringing, societal beliefs – these things all keep our hearts closed and us isolated from our inner-child, this sacred relationship. Opening our heart is a real thing. As it turns out, it is a choice and a practice. Like everything else, first we have to choose to open our heart, and then we have to practice it.

At first, use your imagination to open your heart. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Now imagine there is a brilliant, bright, light that shines from your heart-center and is just waiting to expand. Practice creating an opening that allows this light to flow out of you in all directions. The more you practice, the more this opening expands, and the further your light reaches. The opening becomes real.

This shining, safe, comforting light is your connection to Universal wisdom and power. Within this light is where we are all connected. From here, you can find joy, forgiveness, self-love, and power. From here, you can create your life with purpose.

Practice opening your heart. It is important.

See you on the inside, Aunty H




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