Waking Basics: KEY INGREDIENTS #compassion #kindness #selflove #patience

Create Yourself

I needed to prepare the following list of the common themes I came across on my journey:

Sacred is the relationship you have with yourself;
Seeing Life through the lens of your experiences;
Tapping into your wisdom;
All paths can lead us home;
The gifts behind the adversity;
Jacked to keep going (aging);
Karmically speaking (everything does happen for a reason);
Finding your voice;
Only hurt people, hurt people (don’t take it personally);
Everything is a lesson/practice;
Healing is possible (forgiveness/affirmations);
Practicing in the concept of others;
Opening your heart (creating space);
Understanding Your Magic (power of intention);
Breaking generational patterns (codependence/narcissism);
Being whole/having holes (marriage/relationships);
(stay tuned for more on these).

In putting together this account of insights, which I came across in books, lectures and in real life, I realized there are some key ingredients needed to make them work.

May be find that some of these seem simple and straightforward. But if we weren’t exposed to them in our youth, if we haven’t learned or practiced them, we could be missing these basic, often taken for granted, skill sets.

COMPASSION – Do you know compassion? For yourself? We are often our worst enemy. Many of us would NEVER say to others the negative self-talk we consistently give ourselves. We must train in showing concern and sympathy for our own self-created suffering and pain.

For others? Practicing compassion for others is a one-way ticket out of a stuck, negative, and limiting mindset. Wishing others to be free from suffering creates another avenue for our thoughts; this create space for other emotions such as joy and confidence. Being compassionate can be beneficial to both those who are suffering and ourselves – physically and mentally.

What is SELF-LOVE? In Buddhist practice, love is the wish for someone to be happy. Self-love would follow as the wish for inner happiness. Loving yourself is like having an internal advocate. SELFISHNESS, as opposed to SELF-LOVE, keeps you busy trying to manipulate your outside world in order to fill the hole inside. This can consume us and take all of our energy. Lack of concern for others is a sign of SELFISHNESS. So the practice of compassion is also one of SELF-LOVE.

KINDNESS. Simply stated, there should be a lot more of this in the world. Acts of kindness are easy to do and don’t cost anything, but often they do not come to mind. We don’t know what people are going through; what tragedies they may have had in their lives; or why they act the way they do. We don’t know their inner thoughts, joys, fears, or delusions any more than they know ours. Practicing kindness for the sake of kindness is not only a tool for opening your heart; these small acts can change the world.

Finally, PATIENT ACCEPTANCE. Patient acceptance is a tool to fall back on when all else fails. Often when things don’t go our way, we can develop an angry mind. Letting go and accepting the way things are happening now, frees our minds from such turpitude and creates the space needed to intend and manifest change in our future.

Have you created space in your life for COMPASSION, SELF-LOVE, KINDNESS, and PATIENT ACCEPTANCE?