Waking Basics: Wisdom, Open to the Public


A friend asked me the other day, “What if I am not part of this? What if I am not allowed access to wisdom?” Only if you think you are not allowed access to your wisdom will you be not allowed. Wisdom is within all of us and accessible to all of us, all of the time. It is only our thoughts to the contrary that will keep us from it. #wisdom

Inner wisdom or Buddha nature is the blissful peace within each of us that provides gentle guidance and leads us on our journey towards enlightenment. It is the key that unlocks all of our questions and restores the inner peace and bliss that is our true nature. It is that which we are all trying to get back to on our journeys.

Roadblocks on this journey include:

·      Our thoughts – that we don’t actually have this inner wisdom or are not good enough to be allowed access to it; that happiness and love can only be found outside of ourselves; or it is simply that our thoughts clutter our mind to such a degree that the journey is lost.

·      Our layers of unawareness – depending on our karma we may have just a few layers of which we are unaware. These layers can consistently disrupt our connection to our wisdom. We may have several layers clouding our view and only allowing glimpses of our Buddha nature and wisdom light to show through. On the extreme side, our layers can also be so thick that we don’t even recognize the journey in front of us – when it is to this extent I refer to it as the wall. From experience I can tell you that when someone has their wall up, they can’t hear you no matter what type of advice, spiritual or otherwise, you are trying to give them.

·      Distractions – these are a gift for those people who are trying to avoid any type of spiritual or personal growth. Distractions are limitless. Today it is so easy to be distracted with the Internet, smart phones and television. The challenge for those interested in access to their inner wisdom is to say no to this bombardment of distraction around us every day and dedicate time to inner enlightenment.

Your journey back to your inner wisdom and Buddha nature may take some time. We have perhaps spent our lifetime, to-date, creating layers, getting distracted and thinking this is not for us. So unraveling the layers and resetting the defaults of thought will take time, love and compassion. Yet regardless of these roadblocks, and the time it takes to tear them down, access to your inner wisdom is within you, available to you and accessible by you. 

This same friend asked, “So how do I start to access my inner wisdom.”  Now that answer is simple. Intend it. Intention is the anecdote for all roadblocks. Simply ask for access to your wisdom and your wisdom will show you the way. This is a beautiful thing. XO