The Snail's Pace #patience #acceptance #change

A Snail's Pace

When you train a dog to sit, stand or roll over, it takes times. But eventually, after many failed tries the dog gets it. Your patience and commitment set the signs and signals in her brain. The response becomes automated. She is trained.

Now imagine many years later, a decade even, you decide you want to unteach this dog to sit or roll over. This is a much more difficult task. Not only would this relearning be painful and slow for the animal, but it would also be very confusing.

This we understand.

Equally, we have trained ourselves over the year directly with the thoughts we think. Good for us if they were positive thoughts. Wish that would happen more often. But since 80% of thoughts are negative and we repeat 98% of them from day to day, the training we have done for ourselves is in self-neglect and self-abuse.

Now, of course, we can change these patterns. We can choose to change our thoughts. But like with our confused little pooch, this change does not happen overnight.

This is harder for us to recognize.

Because in this face paced world where we expect and want things to happen immediately, and changing one's mindset is a slow and arduous process, we often abandon the idea without giving it much effort. But come on, we have spent decades giving ourselves a rash of s***, creating deep cowpaths of negativity that our minds often travel. Is this how we want to continue to treat ourselves?

If we can accept what it is that we have done to ourselves, then we can find the patience to change. We don’t even need to fix what we think ails us. We need to approach what we think our problems are with a more positive and appreciative attitude.

To create a positive mindset, we need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sounds simple but we need to do it all the time, catching ourselves in the act of negativity and turning it around.

More than a hundred times (a thousand) you will fall back into those old patterns. This will happen. But if you have patience and compassion for yourself when it does, soon enough, you will notice the change. Acceptance and commitment will lead to positive change in your mind. Don't you deserve that?

Remember the snail - slow, steady and, eventually, on target.