Author Update No. 11: EVOLUTION


Dear Readers,

Evolution. It is inevitable in the development of any creative work. My memoir is no exception. Take the working title for example. It has evolved:


Modern Day Sleeping Beauty (fairy tale titles can be a real turn off) to

Awake Gentle Warrior (warrior is great, but it has been out there a while) to

Earth School (too confining)

So now I am taking the stance of a looser working title as I am sure it will change again. Current working title:

The Perpetual Classroom, a memoir on Life’s repeating lessons

But the working title is minor in comparison to the significant overhaul the book has undergone in the reorganization I spoke of last time. The impetus for writing my memoir was to create a guide to all the beautiful teachings I had come across on my journey. I wanted to write a guide to the path if you will. And so I create these Waking Monologues every third chapter to highlight a reoccurring theme I found in these teachings and to quote one of the teachers I read.

I told my story as validation for what I was saying in the Waking Monologues. Not having a clinical therapy or psychology background, my experiences were spelled out to give credence to my words.

Now, in the rework, the separate Waking Monologues no longer flow. The teachings have been blended into the story and made more personal. These lessons I went through because I needed to, that was my path. The teachers will all be acknowledged in the beginning and listed in the end.

Soon I will submit the culmination of the lessons in a promotional framework for the memoir. I am hopeful to get this and a few chapters of my book published in literary journals.

It is all a part of the process I am still very much enjoying. As this writing has taken on a life of its own, I have tried to put my project manager hat to let that happen.

Write on!

Very kindly yours,

Holly McNeill