Journey Monologues: What are you attracting? #vibration #mindset #intention

There is no need to blame your parents or anyone who abused you in your life, including yourself. But it is time to stop the abuse. It is time to free yourself of the tyranny of the Judge by changing the foundation of your agreements. It is time to be free from the role of the Victim.
— Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

How many negative people do you know that lead a positive life? Our thoughts create our reality. We all hold within us the power of intention, the ability to create our lives by the thoughts we think. Whether purposefully or not, we are attracting into our lives whatever it is we hold in our minds.

There is a vibrational pull in each one of us, an energy that sends message out to the world. With positive thoughts, we can attract into our lives joy, peace and the things we want.  We can heal, even grow, from trauma and find the path to whatever stage of enlightenment we desire. Our journey can be about using this gift of time to fill our hearts with love, kindness and compassion. And, in doing so, help others as these forms of healing energy will spill out into the world.

The opposite is also true. In our unawareness, we are still creating our world. Attracting who knows what, we spend all our time in absence of ourselves and trying to control our outside environment. Open and vulnerable we are victims to whatever negativity, fear or anger we are putting out there. Have no doubt, those thoughts will return to us as we spill them out into our world.

So please be aware of what it is you are attracting. You have been given this amazing life with these fantastic powers. Intend for yourself, and therefore for others, the beauty that you deserve.