Author Update No. 9: The Introduction #amwriting #earthschool

Holly McNeill

Dear Readers,

As I draw within a month of sending my manuscript off to the world of agents, I offer you a DRAFT of the book's introduction. It explains why I am writing and what I hope to accomplish. Please offer comments and sign up for updates. It should get exciting from here. Fingers crossed.

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Holly McNeill


Earth School, a Memoir on Life's Repeating Lessons - Introduction

Though unique to my experiences, my voyage of healing, hope, courage, and love is not uncommon. The impetus for this book is not my story; rather it is the life-changing cast of heart-opening teachers and practical guides I met, through their books, along my journey.

Within this book, starting with Chapter 2 and every third chapter thereafter, are what I call Waking Monologues (WM). They include quotes from these experts in healing, spirituality, and self-realization. The title of each WM and the words following the quote are my thoughts on the common themes, I found, in their books and from their teachings.

So why listen to me?

The definition of an expert is a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field. Having no formal education on the workings of the mind, spirituality, or personality behavior, I gained my awareness through experience.

Everyone has that chapter they wouldn’t want to write, that story they don’t want others to hear. It requires putting the most personal and intimate parts of your life out there for judgment. I am telling you my story in hopes of gaining your trust; so that you might also benefit from the insightful and intuitive teachers out there.


In order to preserve their anonymity, I have changed the names of some individuals and slightly modified a few locations. References to real people, events, establishments, organizations, or locales have been recreated from memory, along with journals, documentation, and correspondence I have kept, as well as discussions I have had with family and friends. Overall, the goal was to tell my story to the greatest of my recollection without damaging the integrity of the story or those who lived it with me.

Everyone is on a journey. This is my version of mine.