Why #EARTHSCHOOL as my working title?

My concept of Earth School is that we are in it, now, as you read this, as I write. Ever since I have been aware of my journey, I have met with nothing but teacher after teacher; all who have taught me such valuable lessons. Once we acknowledge the classes we have signed up for simply by being born, we can better take advantages of the challenges we face, every day of this precious human life.

I am using it as a working title because it embodies a part of the message I am presenting in my book. I understand that the agent or publisher will, most likely, change the title, so I wanted to keep it clean and straightforward.

Besides, when I told some members of my read and critique group, they said, thank God, the last working title had to go.

This week I will wrap up the third draft and am on track to submit it to the agent in September. To be honest, in the fourth draft, I will need to take a good look at the Waking Monologues that appear throughout the book. They need to be sharpened and, perhaps, re-arranged.

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Holly McNeill