Author Update No. 8: Can writing be this much fun? #amwriting #upcomingbook

Author Update

Dear Readers,

For me, nothing works better than a positive mindset and maintaining peace amongst the chaos. It took me a while to get to the positive mindset as evidenced by my upcoming memoir. The stable inner peace I am still working on.

I bring this up because, of course, there are some things in this book writing process I wish were going better. But they all pale in comparison to the sheer GIFT it has been to write it.

My memoir has a lot of sad and painful moments in it. That is life. And, writing about certain events was a challenge as it brought them all back to the forefront. Still, I must tell you, I am having a blast writing this book. Well into the third draft now, it is sheer joy to watch the pieces come together and hear the chapters start to really flow. I just want to keep going!

From last time, I reiterated, as I do in the last chapter of my book, that everything I need for this book has shown up. For the third draft, it was Steven King. Okay, it was his memoir and it was exactly what I needed. A friend had given me the book a while back. I picked it up and read it as if Mr. King were answering my questions directly and giving me guidance on what to do next.

My new goal is to submit the manuscript by the 19th of September, just before going out of the country. I think it is very doable. As I go through the third draft I can feel it really coming together. The fourth draft will serve to get it in the best shape I can with regards to grammar and format.

Also, as everything does show up, my readers will show up as well. Thank you for being one of them. I am writing this book to tell people my story, and let them how amazing we all are, and how incredible it is to live this precious human life. I know, if the book is meant to be out there, then the followers will come.

Very kindly yours,
Holly McNeill

PS. You may have noticed another change in the book title. This perplexing process left me with the idea of using a working title, for now. #EARTHSCHOOL is the new working title. Stay tuned for more on that.