Waking Essence: CHERISHING OTHERS #universallove #compassion

The Concept of Others
When we deeply think that others are important, and that their happiness and freedom are important, we are cherishing others. If we cherish others like this, we shall always have good relationships and live in harmony with others, and our daily life will be peaceful and happy.
— Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. “Modern Buddhism: Volume 1 Sutra

It turns out that, in helping others, we help ourselves. Who knew? 

When I lived in the greater New York area, I attended this wonderful and heart-opening class given in the New Kadampa tradition. It was a branch class in Stamford, CT on Monday nights. I went religiously; the teacher was phenomenal.

For the year I attended, she gave general instructions on Modern Buddhism and went through the Lamrim. From the KMC website, The stages of the path to enlightenment, or Lamrim in Tibetan, is the backbone of Kadampa Buddhism. Lamrim is a special set of instructions that includes all the essential teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni arranged in such a way that all his teachings can be put into practice.

I was so fortunate to receive these life-changing teachings. During each class, in an email to myself and several others, I jotted down what I was hearing. I want to share my notes from one of those classes held on October 5, 2015.

Cherishing all living beings is one of the fourteen Lamrim meditations, and the first in the Great Scope teachings. Below are my cryptic, but bulleted and cleaned up, takeaways from the class:

·       Why it is logical and correct to love others...equalizing and exchanging self in others?

·       Authentic cherishing of others...Every single living being without exception

·       Doing so develops affectionate love...warm and friendly

·       Why are we developing universal love... non-biased...non-attached...unconditional love?

·       We perceive our faults and grasp at those faults as who we are...same with others

·       Why develop love:
        To be happy and peaceful
        To actualize your potential
        To be of deep value in this world
        To be happy and peaceful...

·       Self cherishing.. Self grasping...that independent, isolated self...We think we are this above everything else...more important than everyone else...completely entrenched in our selfishness...yet it is the cause of all our suffering

·       Then we become attached to whatever supports us....We want things for ourselves..things we     see outside ourselves

·       When we develop love in our hearts we move away from self attachment...involvement and we became happier

·       We see self and other...yet we are one

·       Love is the wish for another person to be happy...this can never cause any pain...love doesn't hurt...attachment hurts

·       Attachment is a mind that is looking for someone to support our attached self...

·       Love allows us to move from an independent self to an interconnected self

·       Interdependence is wonderful

·       We want to live in love

·       Falling I love is all about attachment...when that attachment fades..if love has not been cultivates the relationship will end

·       You can have love for every living being without exception...independent if that other person is loving your or not

·       Enlightenment is our highest potential...then we can be extraordinarily beneficial to others

·       Balance the scale between our self importance and others

·       How many thoughts in your day goes to ourselves vs to others

·       Equalize...cherish others as much as we cherish ourselves..and not just the few who feed our attachment

·       Think about the kindness of others to break out of self involvement

·       As I wish to be free from suffering and happy and so does all others...We are all equal...We all share these wishes

·       Love, patience and compassion are strong and powerful minds...anger is a week mind

·       You start to see others beyond what they are doing for you or what they can do for you

·       We think - my happiness and suffering is more important than you because I am me and I am special

·       Bringing another person to mind and connect with their heart wish...which is the same as yours..to be happy and free from suffering

·       I am only one...others are countless...how can I cherish myself alone and not care for the happiness of others?

·       1 of me.  7,000,000,000 of others

·       Meditation means to familiarize yourself with virtue

·       Most of our problems arise from regarding ourselves above others.

·       Come down the mountain of self and up the mountain of others.

Thank you. xoxo