Waking Basics: #AGING


We will never be young as we are right now, at this moment. And tomorrow the same will be true. Everyone is aging. It is a fact of life. Living – being born, coming of age, growing older – is a process, which is never fixed.

Inside each of us is a young person and an old person. We are as alive and vibrant as we choose to be. My 20-year-old son told me the other day to stop talking so much about getting old. And he was right. I truly believe that we create our lives. And in fretting about aging and sickness, that is exactly what we will bring to our door. Believe me, complaining about the changes you see in your body – every day – will not deter them nor bring you joy.

Aging is something we cannot stop but we can influence. How we live each day determines the age we feel in our hearts. With the power of intention and the thought changing effects of affirmations, we can choose long life and health for ourselves - or at least the belief that we are deciding to live that way to the best of our abilities.

I am living a long, happy and healthy life.

I am living a long, happy and healthy life.

The benefits of positive thinking like this are bountiful. Through positivity, we may choose to eat better, exercise more, and live more compassionate and kinder lives. We could enjoy the life we do have to a greater degree.

There is a Buddhist meditation on death. It’s not meant to be morbid, though taking about death often solicits a strong negative reaction. In it we are encouraged to say to ourselves, at least once a day, perhaps when we wake up in the morning, "I may die today."  This practice helps us to realize that every day is a gift and that it may, indeed, be our last. So live it well.

Embrace your age. Celebrate your life – every day. Rather than lamenting that new wrinkle, be happy, as we are all lucky to be living at all.