WM Author Update No. 3: Keep Going!

Hello. Thank you so much for your interest in Waking Monologues. I hope it is helpful to you on your journey. I am using this blog post position to keep interested readers up-to-date on the progress of this site, the book and other events that come along. If you have any questions for me you can send them through the form on the Meet Holly page. I will try and answer them here.


Write more, suck less! That is what I am learning. :)

The help I am getting to write this book it incredible really. I found this amazing Read and Review group through OC Writers led by a woman named Skye. Skye is super sharp. I read a chapter from my book to this group every other week and the input is priceless. Of course with input come rewrites. The more I rewrite, layer in and comb through a chapter the better it gets.

I have a new deadline. There is a book group that meets every month. My friend, Amy, says if my book is ready their group will read it and give me feedback in December. This would mean I would have to have it complete by December 15th. This is my new goal.

On the challenging side, distractions have slowed my writing process so I am bunkering down and doubling my efforts. Another challenge I find is moving the newer chapters forward while refining the older ones. I guess a lot of writers can get so caught up in refining they never actually finish.

Finally this follow/unfollow thing on Twitter at first had me baffled. I couldn't figure out why so many people would follow me then unfollow me. Then I realized there are many apps out there that "manage" your account and suggest people to follow or unfollow. Yet the platform is growing, just slower than I had hoped. Clearly I should have started my Twitter efforts earlier. Thank you to all my loyal followers.

When I get discouraged the message I always get is KEEP GOING. I recognize that my time here in this life is limited. That being said, I have time now to try and make a difference. I hope to do that through my writing as there is no getter goal than that for me. 

Very kindly yours,

Holly McNeill