Journey Monologues (updated): How many layers do you wear? #mindfulness

There is no need to blame your parents or anyone who abused you in your life, including yourself. But it is time to stop the abuse. It is time to free yourself of the tyranny of the Judge by changing the foundation of your agreements. It is time to be free from the role of the Victim.
— Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

Life is not static. It is a journey, moving in one direction or the other whether we are aware of it or not. It can be a conscious one. One in which we can see where we have been and the path in front of us; a journey where we learn from our pain and grow in peace and wisdom.

It can be an unconscious one. As the result of trauma or abuse, we can, unknowingly, layer up. Covering over parts of our personality or hiding elements of ourselves we are ashamed of or don’t like anymore. We may stuff away aspects of ourselves that we no longer share and eventually forget. Blocking our own light, we leave ourselves without our connection to our source.

Unattended, our mind can make default patterns based on our experiences, often cynical and fearful, and creates thoughts we frequently return to and take as truth. The scary thing is, these default patterns can run our lives, affect our decisions and cause us to act in specific ways that we wouldn't otherwise choose.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our relationship with ourselves, our core, is sacred. If we are unaware, we continually attempt to cover up our perceived inadequacies with layer upon layer of fear, anxiety, lies, anger or you name it. Our minds start to close.

Close-mindedness can cause us to blame our suffering and struggles on the people and events around us – making us the victim. We might deflect taking responsibility for our actions. Not being accountable for our lives is a direct formula for misery. Cut off from our inner child; fear can strip us of our confidence and the access to our inherent wisdom.

This unconsciousness requires us to keep our perceived defects hidden by attempting controlling the outside world. This never works. They keep finding their way out. Going in this direction only causes more feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, creating the need for more and more disguising layers.

If at some point in our lives, we are fortunate enough to recognize that something is amiss, that because of these layers we cannot recognize our inherent beauty and love, we can begin to open our hearts. We can step on our life’s path – or back on it. Sometimes, we have to sink pretty low before we are even willing to look. These are the lessons of our lives.

When we detect that ray of light from within, however, we can nurture it. Now, depending on the density of our layers and our dedication to self-healing and self-realization, our journeys can vary in length. But regardless of how many layers that, we have, Life will provide us with the direction that we need. Our journey is right in front of us.

As we go on our way, peeling off layer after layer, the people and events that we need to learn and grow will appear in our lives. Life will become a classroom, Earth School. Keep your hearts open with the intention of finding your way and someday a gleam of light from your inner world will show through – if it hasn’t already.

Life is not static. It is moving in one direction or the other whether we are aware of it or not. But we do have a choice which direction it moves in. Which direction do you choose?