WM Author Update No.2 - Getting Real


Hello. Thank you so much for your interest in Waking Monologues. I hope it is helpful to you on your journey. I am using this blog post position to keep interested readers up-to-date on the progress of this site, the book and other events that come along. If you have any questions for me you can send them through the form on the Meet Holly page. I will try and answer them here.


Greeting Readers,

Recently I confessed to myself that the deadlines I had set for book are not going to happen. As a seasoned project manager, I should have known better. My golden rule is: estimate how much time you think it is going to take, then double it and add a bit. I did not apply this rule to myself.

My original date to have the first draft of my book done was June 26, 2017. I am not going to make that. My new goal is to have my manuscript and book proposal done for the Spring Southern California Writers Conference in February of next year. Writing this book and sharing my story is something I have been wanting to do since 2009.

Admittedly, building this website took time away from my writing as well building my platform through social media. Maybe I am trying to do too much. I have decided to focus on my book writing, posting a new post every 10 days roughly and growing my following on Twitter. I was planning to also do a newsletter but will put that on hold for now.

As this is my first experience writing a book and building a platform,I can also confess it is a bit more challenging than I expected. But all is still good. The ultimate goal remains the same – to benefit others by expressing the path of my journey and providing direction for those looking for their own path and inner peace in life.

Thank you for your support through my efforts.

Very kindly yours,

Holly McNeill