WM Author Updates

Keeping the Readers Up-to-date

Hello. Thank you so much for your interest in Waking Monologues. I hope it is helpful to you on your journey. I am using this blog post position to keep interested readers up-to-date on the progress of this site, the book and other events that come along. If you have any questions for me you can send them through the form on the Meet Holly page. I will try and answer them here.

Currently, as I just opening the Waking Monologues Twitter and Instagram accounts, I am working on getting the website up to speed - so check back often. The book is charging along. Though I know a lot about architecture, I am realizing I have a lot to learn about writing. It is great fun! Also I am looking into Grammerly, a proof reading software, as typos are my karmic nemesis.

I am so grateful  to have this opportunity to get create these blogs and get these words in print.  And I am grateful to you for your interest.

Very kindly yours,