FIRST DRAFT Complete w/New Working Title #MeToo #Upcomingbook

Awake Gentle Warrior



With the completion of the FIRST DRAFT, my upcoming book is now out to the beta readers for input. The LOTS (Ladies of the Street) book club is currently reviewing this DRAFT and will be giving me feedback in the coming week. With comments from my Foothills Ranch Library Read & Critique group edits are already underway.

The biggest news, of course, is the change in the working title. Encouraged by my Read & Critique group to reconsider the current one, I am pleased to announce the new working title - Wake Gentle Warrior, a Spiritual Memoir of my Recreated Life.

The next step involves the submission of the book's first ten pages plus a cover letter to the Southern California Writers conference. Participating in the Advanced Submission program, in February, I will get feedback from three literary agents. My goal is to have my book proposal complete in the hope that they have interest in my book. At a minimum, I will get valuable feedback.

In this powerful time of #MeToo and the movement in which speaking out can mean healing this book is right on target. I am constantly amazed how things work out that way. Please follow me on social media for updates. I would greatly appreciate your support.




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Very kindly yours,
Holly McNeill