Waking Basics: #LOVE to Save Lives #LasVegasShootings


As the Las Vegas shooting takes it’s place as the top mass shooting in US history, we all pray for the victims & their families. We hope for the full recovery of those injured. And we wish that it never happens again.

But there is something more we can do. We can send out love to the hearts of those susceptible to these kinds of horrendous, hate crimes.

The opposite of love is fear. And fear breeds anger and hate. I don’t imagine that anyone grows up with a wish in their heart to be a mass killer. Imagine what one must go through to get to this point. How much hate and horror must one have in their mind and their heart to commit such a reprehensible crime?

No longer is life an option for those taken from this and other unexpected and senseless tragedies. The whole World feels their pain.

For the sake of future victims out there, perhaps, we can sit and meditate on love. Perhaps we can take refuge in a church, temple or other spiritual sanctuary. There we can quietly pray that love reaches the hearts of those at risk of becoming the next shooter.

We can do this in honor of all those innocent victims that have fallen. And if we, as a society, can send out enough love to rid at least a few hearts of the hate and anger inside, then love has, indeed, saved lives.

Thank you for reading this blog post.