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Everyone has that chapter that they don’t want to write, that story they don't want others to hear. It means being vulnerable. It's opening yourself up for judgment, ridicule and gossip. But it also means regaining your power, reclaiming what which was rightfully yours and perhaps taken away. That is why I am writing my book. People say that I am brave, but these things are so important to talk about.

At the end last year, I retired from a major career, creating the time and space to put my journey down in words. My book will tell the story of abuse, abandonment, fear and anxiety. And how, for many years, I made decisions from a place of pain that I, unknowingly, created. This memoir will also unveil my personal journey - the path and the quest to find the space to heal and the space for love. And, ultimately how I realized that we are actually in charge of the creation of our lives.

I remain nervous and shaky about others reading my story yet the bigger part of me is eager and passionate. Passionate about getting the message out there that your human spirit is alive within you. Survival of it is not only necessary for growth, strength and happiness; it is your purpose in life.

Within the book I, include waking monologues, common themes I have found in all the books I have read on my path. They are currently found as the journey monologues on my website.

The help I have gotten to write this book has been nothing short of phenomenal. Many years ago, I put the intention out there that I wanted to make a difference and Life has responded. I have only a few chapters remaining to write on the first draft. I have found a fabulous read & critique group that has helped me so. I have a beta group set to read it in December. In January, I will submit it for critique to the Southern California Writers Conference. Then begins my search for an agent and publisher.

But I am not concerned. If this book it meant to be published, if my story is meant to be out there and to help others, then it surely will be. Please follow me on social media for updates. I would greatly appreciate your support.




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Very kindly yours,
Holly McNeill