What is this all about?

In 2001, at a particularity low point in my life I unknowingly tapped the universe for help. From the outside no one could tell of my struggles - by design, or intent, one could say.  Being empty on the inside yet pretty intelligent, I turned to what “society” says we all must have and want to be happy. And I had everything – a new house, which my husband and I had built, a budding career, two young children, a Suburban, Mitsubishi sedan, a golden retriever and a cat. Yet on the inside I was filled daily with feeling of anxiety, guilt and worthlessness.  I had it all but I didn’t have me.

It was then and there I started on my journey back to me. Beginning with a bit of yoga and meditation, I  soon realized that physically, mentally and spiritually we are all connected – start working on one an the others respond.

Two years into my journey, walking into the Barnes and Noble in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with a colleague, I came across this book quoted above by Cheryl Richardson.  This was the beginning the daily mini-miracles I still have today. Somehow, every time I had a question, the answer would appear. And it was not as if I would read something and have a question about it.  Rather I would come up with a question and the very next things I read, heard, come upon was the answer. It was, and still is, truly a miracle every day. Cheryl was right.  The universe responded and everything I needed was right there in front of me.

Six years into my journey began the incubus for this website. I wanted to share with you the daily miracles I had been having and the books, songs, movies and intuitions that showed me the way. So I started writing.

From my glorious string of mini-miracles I started to piece together what I present here as “Waking Monologues” or common themes. As I read through these books, or listened to a friend, saw a chance happening or a certain song came on the radio with the exact right message, I noticed common themes coming through -”Waking Monologues”. I did not pick up on them right away as they say ones needs to read and/or experience things in several different ways, at several different times to really start to see them.  And so throughout this website I have written them out – the Waking Monologues, my thoughts and the books they reference.

This journey won’t be easy. By following this path you’ll be making a decision to rock the boat. As you do….you’ll be sending a message to the universe that you’re ready to challenge your self-doubt and fear of what others think. And believe me, when you make this proclamation, the universe will respond. You’ll be sent the exact people and circumstances you’ll need to develop the kind of “inner security” that no bank account, relationship, or job can ever give you.
— Stand Up For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson